A while back ago I heard about a browser named GO RANDO. GO RANDO randomizes your feelings on facebook to make you a perfectly balanced person for the purpose of having less targeted advertising by messing with he algorithm. We have found out that companies like Facebook have been selling our data without the users truly understanding the effects. Some of the vendors who provided apps on the platform were allowed to harvest and give sensitive information with out the knowledge of the users “friends”. Cambridge Analytica has been accused of influencing voters. Here is a link to GO RANDO … Continue reading FACEBOOK SELLING YOU OUT? GO RANDO

*NSYNC. The Best Place To Park and Watch.

Many *NSYNC fans were in line early Monday morning along Sycamore Ave. I love the nostalgia of it all. If you didnt get there the night before for the coveted “fan pit” the best place to Park and Watch is at the Coffee Shop just a little bit west. The crowds are mostly on Sycamore and it a lot cooler at the coffee shop. There is always a lot of talking at these things by the amazing folks at the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce who is responsible for putting this event together. Three cheers for them! Continue reading *NSYNC. The Best Place To Park and Watch.